Portable solar panels for power and mobility

Solar power has driven millions of people to pursue lower-cost energy for their homes and businesses. People spend thousands of dollars to install solar panels in order to save money (in the long-term), break free from the grip of utility companies and even feel better about their responsibility to the environment. Sometimes, you need power and portability in one package. The past few years have seen the introduction of portable solar panels. They're reliable, convenient and offer the mobility that today's fast-moving society wants. In this article, we'll describe some practical uses for portable solar panels and the costs of investing in them.

4 ways to use portable solar panels

Decades ago, we didn't have as many electronic gadgets to tote with us. Times have changed. Today, people are armed with laptops, cell phones, portable televisions, DVD players and a host of other things that require a power source. Here's a brief look at 4 ways to use portable solar panels.

#1 - Laptops

Most people have a laptop these days. Unfortunately, the batteries that come with them don't typically last long. While a new laptop can last up to 4 hours on its battery, after a couple of years of use, the battery's capacity diminishes. Portable solar panels eliminate the worry of racing to finish your work before your laptop's battery drains.

#2 - Camping or hiking

Campers (and even hikers) used to bring lanterns and materials for a fire with them. But, that was long before packing portable television sets and DVD players became commonplace. Today, it's not unusual to see campers with lights and appliances powered by the energy stored in portable solar panels.

#3 - Cell phones

Like laptops, cell phone batteries can expire quickly. When people talk for hours each day on their cell phones, they're often left with a dead battery in the middle of their conversation. You can now purchase solar panels (and chargers) that are compact enough to fit in your pocket. If you spend a lot of time on your cell phone, this could be a convenient solution for a drained battery.

#4 - Remote locations

Depending upon your job or interests, it's not uncommon to find yourself in remote places. This can be the case if you're digging or searching for something in an area that's poorly lit by street lights. You can invest in large portable solar panels that are capable of emitting enough light so that you can finish your work. When the sun fades, these paneling units can be invaluable.

How much do they cost?

Prices cover a wide range. The amount of money you spend will depend largely upon how much capacity you need from a power source. For example, a small 5-watt portable solar panel can cost less than $100. They're perfect for your cell phone, DVD player and MP3 player. By contrast, a 30-watt portable unit that's built for durability and power capacity can easily cost over $500. Think about your specific needs. That will determine how much you can expect to spend.

Enjoying portability with power

Portable solar panels offer the flexibility we've come to cherish in our society. We're no longer forced to stay near outlets or rely on quick-draining batteries for the power we need to work or enjoy ourselves. When you're ready to take advantage of the mobility and convenience of a portable system, you'll have plenty of affordable choices that release you from the limitations of the past.