Solar ovens

Solar ovens have been used domestically and internationally for decades. While millions of people enjoy them for their convenience, others use them for survival. These ovens use reflectors (or reflective material) to heat and cook food. They're capable of preparing most types of foods including bread, vegetables and meat (though it takes time for the oven to generate heat).

One of the reasons that solar ovens are so popular is because they're easy to build. You can use simple materials such as cardboard and aluminum foil. By reflecting the direct sunlight onto the main cooking area of the oven, you can convert the light into heat. A properly-built solar oven will trap the heat, slowly raising the temperature inside the cooking area. Though your oven's usefulness will be limited by the scope of the materials used, it can still generate enough heat to prepare thousands of different meals. Below, you'll discover 4 benefits of using solar ovens.

#1 - Easy and inexpensive to build

While you can create a customized solar oven using extremely sturdy materials, a simple oven can be built quickly, easily and inexpensively. You can even use a pizza box as the main component of your oven. With a bit of black construction paper, aluminum foil to reflect the sun and a stick to help keep the reflecting lid tilted properly, your oven can be ready for use within minutes. Plus, the materials can be purchased for less than $10.

#2 - Extremely convenient

There are many occasions when a solar oven is more convenient than other cooking alternatives. For example, if you're camping or spending the day at the beach, you'll need to create and manage a fire if you want to prepare food. Similarly, if you're relaxing on a boat or traveling in your RV, your options are limited. In each of these circumstances, a solar oven can be used in place of managing a fire. If you're in a location where lighting a fire isn't an option, you can easily power your oven with direct sunlight.

#3 - Safe for the family and the environment

Because solar ovens don't use a flame, they're much safer. When a fire is used to cook food (either at the beach or while camping), there's always a possibility that someone will be injured. There's also a chance that a fire will grow out of control, engulfing the area. A solar oven doesn't carry that risk.

#4 - Provides humanitarian help

Many places throughout the world are in need of a low-maintenance and low-cost way to cook food. Because grills need fuel to operate, the people who live in these economically-depressed areas often can't afford them. Solar ovens provide a solution. They're easy to build, inexpensive and can be used by any person with access to direct sunlight. In many cases, the ovens can prevent the disease from spreading. For example, people in Ghana use solar ovens as an inexpensive way to clean their drinking water.

Cooking conveniently no matter where you are

Initially, you may think the idea of using sunlight to cook food is odd. But, solar ovens are able to focus the power of that light into a potent heat source. By making fireless cooking easy, portable, safe and affordable, these ovens can be a great solution to cooking food conveniently in any location with sunlight. If you've never tried preparing food in a solar oven, you may be surprised by how easy it is.