Heating your swimming pool with solar panels

Whether you use your pool for swimming parties, early morning exercises, to have a romantic night with your partner, or maybe even for therapeutic reasons, a nice comfortable water temperature of the water is of utmost importance to enjoy it to the fullest.

The conjunction of heater systems

Solar collectors used to heat pools are the most widely used solar energy generators. If you already have a pool heater it still will be a good investment to buy a solar collector system to heat your pool. You can then use the two solar heater systems in conjunction with each other.

In the rare occurrence when the solar collector isn't able to supply enough heat to heat the pool, you may use a gas heater. Thus minimizing the use of the gas heater and saving a lot on operating costs. Hence by using these two heating systems collectively, you can ensure that you always have a well-heated swimming pool.

Sufficient energy supply

You might be asking yourself if this will heat your pool well enough. Then let me tell you that yes it will. Solar power is just another source of energy, just like gas, benzene or diesel. So if the heating system is designed well enough then it can deliver the same results just like any other fuel.


Solar blankets or covers can help to hold the heat at night when it is windy. For bigger swimming pools you have to begin with one system except if the pool is placed in the shade. It is easy to add another solar system in the future if the water is not heated well enough in your opinion.