Overview of solar water fountains

Free to operate and able to provide a relaxing and soothing environment, solar water fountains have become an increasingly popular mainstay in homes and offices. They're easy to set up and require very little maintenance. Many owners report feeling less stressed and more relaxed as a result of buying their solar fountains. Some claim that the fountains can even help humidify the air in the surrounding environment. Below, we'll explain how solar water fountains work and how homeowners and businesses use them. Finally, we'll discuss the cost of buying and maintaining them.

How solar water fountains work

Solar water fountains are basic in design. Besides the fountain itself, the package includes a solar panel and a pump. Sometimes, the solar panel is connected to the fountain by a wire or cable. Other times, the panel can power the pump remotely, eliminating the need for a connecting cable. As you know, solar panels collect and absorb energy from the sun. They use that energy to provide electricity and heat. In the case of solar fountains, the panel that comes with the fountain provides enough power for the fountain's pump to operate. The pump is what causes the water in the fountain to circulate.

How solar water fountains are used

There are a number of ways in which solar water fountains are used by homeowners and businesses. In each case, the main objectives are to provide a relaxing atmosphere and an aesthetically pleasing view. For homeowners with limited space, small fountains can be placed inside or outside the residence. If the fountain is used inside the home, a remote solar panel can be easily placed outside to capture the solar energy.

Many homeowners often purchase elaborate solar water fountains. These fountains are designed with several levels which are powered by a low-voltage pump. These fountains can add a stimulating look to the existing landscaping by placing them on the lawn, porch, or deck. Many of these fountains can also serve as birdbaths. Their ornate design and construction attract birds and provide an elegant appearance.

A lot of businesses use solar water fountains to give their office buildings a charming and even regal appearance. They're much larger than fountains used on residential property. They require a more powerful pump and larger solar panels to generate sufficient power. These larger alternatives are also used by farmers to provide small irrigation systems, wells and water for their animals.

How much do they cost?

Depending upon the size of the fountain, you can expect to pay from $20 to several hundred dollars. For example, a small, lightweight fountain that can comfortably sit inside your home and propel water up to 18" (depending upon the energy stored in the solar panel) can cost as little as $25. By contrast, a larger and more ornate model that is designed to be placed in a courtyard can cost nearly $500.

Investing in a solar fountain

One of the most popular features of solar water fountains is that they can operate without the need to pay for electricity. The power required for the fountain's pump to circulate the water comes directly from the sun. Plus, they make very little noise (aside from the relaxing sound of the water). Most of the fountains available for purchase are easy to set up and don't require maintenance. When you're ready to add a solar fountain to your home, you'll be able to choose from hundreds of different sizes and designs. And you'll rest easy knowing your fountain is friendly to the environment.