Types of solar energy systems

Find out the differences between the different types of solar panels and systems:

  • Solar panels - We'll provide a brief overview of the 4 main types of PV solar panels.
  • Array mounts - In this article, you'll learn about fixed, adjustable and tracking solar mounts as well as where to place the mounts once you've purchased them.
  • (Un)glazed collectors - Solar collectors are usually classified into glazed and unglazed collectors.
  • 12 Volt solar panels - In this article, we'll discuss some of the benefits of using 12 volt solar panels (amongst the smallest panels available).
  • Solar water fountains - In this article, we'll explain how solar water fountains work and how homeowners and businesses use them.
  • Solar ovens - In this article, you'll discover 4 benefits of using solar ovens.
  • Solar thermal panels - You'll learn how solar thermal panels work, the difference between passive and active systems and how flat bed and evacuated tubes are involved.
  • Flexible solar panels - We'll briefly explain the benefits of using flexible solar panels.